The Magic Box™ 2.0 + Magic Remote 2.0™

The Magic Box™ 2.0 + Magic Remote 2.0™

Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter + Streaming + Magic Remote 2.0

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✔ Streaming Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu on your display screen
✔ Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to experience wireless freedom
✔ Same CarPlay Functionality including voice commands and steering wheel
✔ Free & Easy Software Updates with our over-the-air capabilities

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Compatible Vehicle Models List

NSX 2017 - 2023

MDX 2018 - 2023

TLX 2018 - 2023

ILX 2019 - 2022

RDX 2019 - 2023

Integra 2023

ZDX 2024

Watch anything from your favorite streaming platform on your car's display screen. Connect The Magic Box to any CarPlay device and instantly start enjoying it!

Comes with The Magic Remote™ 2.0 a convenient way to type quickly and navigate apps without having to use touch screen.

Benefits of The Magic Box

Yes, we support iPhone & Android

Any iPhone from 5 or higher. Any Android running 6.0 or higher.

High Performance

Built to provide lightning-fast streams with zero load time. Dual WiFi-enabled to provide a seamless viewing experience.

No More Cords

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Magic Box for a wireless CarPlay & Android Auto experience.

Automatic Connection

Set it up once and forget it. Automatically connect to streaming apps, wifi, and bluetooth every time!

64GB of Storage + Expansion

Never run out of space with 64GB of internal storage with expansion available via MicroSD.

No Subscription Fees

Buy the Magic Box once and get lifetime access to any of the streaming apps you already use.

Faster & More Customizable!

Packed with lightning fast streaming speeds, more secure CarPlay/Android Auto connection, and a fresh user-interface to allow for customization!

We took all the things you love about the original Magic Box and improved upon the things you suggested could use some work!

Setup In Seconds

Grab a Magic Box 2.0 and never have another dull moment in your car. Stop watching videos on your phone while you wait and start streaming right on your car display screen.

3 Easy Steps To Setup The Magic Box

Takes less time than setting up a new phone!

Step 1. Connect to car

Connect The Magic Box to your car's CarPlay/Android Auto-enabled USB port, using the provided cable.

Step 2. Select wifi source

Select your preferred wifi source such as mobile hotspot. This is only necessary for the very first setup.

Step 3. Start streaming

Download your favorite apps from the app store or use our pre-downloaded apps to start streaming!

Your Favorite Apps

The Magic Box supports any app on the Google Play Store and/or APK App store. Here are some of our customer favorites!



Prime Video




Disney +

YouTube TV

Compatible with:

  • Acura 2016-2023
    Alfa Romeo 2016-2018
    Aston Martin 2016-2023
    Audi 2016-2023
    Bentley 2016-2023
    Bugatti 2016-2023
    Buick 2018-2023
    Cadillac 2016-2023
    Chevrolet 2016-2023
    Chrysler 2017-2023
    Dodge 2017-2023
    Ferrari 2016-2023
    Fiat 2017-2023
    Ford 2017-2023
    Genesis 2018-2023
    GMC 2017-2023
    Honda 2018-2023

  • Hyundai 2016-2023
    Infiniti 2016-2023
    Jaguar 2019-2023
    Jeep 2018-2023
    Kia 2017-2023
    Koenigsegg 2016-2023
    Lamborghini 2016-2023
    Land Rover 2019-2023
    Lexus 2016-2023
    Lincoln 2017-2023
    Lotuss 2016-2023
    Maserati 2016-2023
    Mazda 2018-2023
    McLaren 2016-2023
    Mercedes Benz 2016-2023
    Mini 2018-2023
    Mitsubishi 2016-2023

  • Nissan 2018-2023
    Pagani 2016-2023
    Peugeot 2017-2023
    Porsche 2017-2023
    Rolls-Royce 2016-2023
    Ram 2018-2023
    Seat 2017-2023
    Skoda 2018-2023
    Toyota 2019-2023
    Volkswagen 2016-2023
    Volvo 2019-2023


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Works with iPhone & Android

Wireless CarPlay

Wireless Android Auto

YouTube & Netflix

App Store for additional apps


Most people get it up and running within a few minutes. Instructions are included with your box and our help center.

Acura 2016-2023
Alfa Romeo 2016-2023
Aston Martin 2016-2023
Audi 2016-2023
Bentley 2016-2023
BMW 2016-2023
Bugatti 2016-2023
Buick 2016-2023
Cadillac 2016-2023
Chevrolet 2016-2023
Chrysler 2016-2023
Dodge 2016-2023
Ferrari 2016-2023
Fiat 2016-2023
Ford 2016-2023
Genesis 2016-2023
GMC 2016-2023
Honda 2016-2023
Hyundai 2016-2023
Infiniti 2016-2023
Jaguar 2016-2023
Jeep 2016-2023
Kia 2016-2023
Koenigsegg 2016-2023
Lamborghini 2016-2023
Land Rover 2016-2023
Lexus 2016-2023
Lincoln 2016-2023
Lotus 2016-2023
Maserati 2016-2023
Mazda 2016-2023
McLaren 2016-2023
Mercedes-Benz 2016-2023
Mini 2016-2023
Mitsubishi 2016-2023
Nissan 2016-2023
Pagani 2016-2023
Peugeot 2016-2023
Porsche 2016-2023
Ram 2016-2023
Rolls-Royce 2016-2023
Seat 2016-2023
Skoda 2016-2023
Subaru 2016-2023
Toyota 2016-2023
Volkswagen 2016-2023
Volvo 2016-2023

Any Alpine, Kenwood or Pioneer aftermarket display screen with wired CarPlay or Android Auto will also work.

Nope, we've pre-installed the most popular streaming apps to the box for you. The Google Play store is accessible from the box to download any app if you wish.

Yes, aftermarket head units from Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer are supported.

Yes, it'll work while in motion, but for safety and legal reasons you should only use The Magic Box while the vehicle is parked in a safe location. (Please check your local before using).

**Do Not Use While The Vehicle Is Being Driven**

Yes, our Magic Box 2.0 product works great with both iPhone & Android. We simply use the CarPlay channel to allow our device to function so even if you have an Android phone, you'll still click into CarPlay from your display screen.

Simply download the Netflix app within the Google Play Store within the Magic Box device. Log into your account and start streaming your favorite shows.

Turn your cars display screen into a smart TV using The Magic Box. Simply plug the Magic Box into your car's USB port and the regular CarPlay or Android Auto screen will be replaced with ours. Download any app and start streaming with The Magic Box.


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