The Most Advanced Wireless CarPlay Adapter

Never Plug Your Phone in Again

Quick & Easy Setup

Connects in seconds

Connect The Magic Link

Connect The Magic Link to your car's CarPlay/Android Auto-enabled USB port, using the provided cable. (Note the small USB-C side with the power icon is ALWAYS the side you use for power)

Connect your phone to The Magic Link

Connect your phone to The Magic Link via Bluetooth. This is only neccessary for the very first setup.

All set!

From now on your phone connects automatically to CarPlay/Android Auto.

Always Wirelss, Wherever You Are.

Benefits of The Magic Link

Supports iPhone & Android

Any iPhone from 5 all the way up to 13. Any Android version and up will work.

High Performance

Designed for lightning-fast CarPlay Experience.

No More Cords

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Magic Link for a wireless CarPlay experience.

Automatic Connection

Set it up once and forget it. Automatically connect to wireless CarPlay every time!

Always The Latest Software

Free and easy software updates directly on your Magic Link device.

24/7 Online Support

Our team is always available to help with any questions or issue you may have.


Does it work with my car?

Magic Link is compatible with thousands of cars - Check our compatibility list to see if yours is compatible!


There are some key difference between The Magic Link and The Magic Box detailed below.

Magic Link: our wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

Magic Box: our wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter + streaming app functions (watch tv on your cars display screen)


Most people get it up and running within a few minutes. Instructions are included with your box and our help center.

Yes, as long as you have an iPhone or Android but your car must have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to work.

Nope, all you need to do is connect The Magic Link to your car's display screen via USB. Next just connect your phone via Bluetooth to The Magic Link.

Yes, any aftermarket CarPlay Device with a USB Port also works with The Magic Link.

Yes, the Magic Link supports both iPhone and Android users!

CarPlay Apps

The Magic Link supports the same apps as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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